Curse of Dimensionality

In high dimensional space distances (esp. Euclidean Distance) become less meaningful

  • distance between each pair of point is almost the same
  • for many data distributions and distances

$$\lim_{d \to \infty} \frac{\text{dist}_\max - \text{dist}_\min}{\text{dist}_\min} = 0$$

  • Curse of Dimensionality makes similarity functions behave poorly
  • KNN makes less sense
  • distances become more uniform as dimensionality grows
  • and this makes clustering difficult

Similarity between two point of high dimensionality can be misleading

  • often points may be similar even though they should belong to different clusters

How to deal?

NLP and Embeddings

solution: Word Embeddings

  • embed the words into some dense low-dimensional space
  • express the join distribution in terms of these embeddings


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