Scatter Plot

This is a Plot that can be useful for initial analysis of the data

  • it uses Cartesian coordinates to visualize relationships between variables
  • So, useful for Bivariate Analysis
plot(pData$JWMNP, pData$WAGP, pch=19, col="blue")
  • scatter-plot-1.png

Tips and Tricks

More Variables

What if we want to include one more variable?

  • use color coding
  • e.g. can encode sex in color
plot(pData$JWMNP, pData$WAGP, pch=19, col=pData$SEX, cex=0.5)
  • scatter-plot-2.png

Lots of Data

How to visualize when there are many data points in your data?

x = rnorm(10000)
y = rnorm(10000)
plot(x, y, pch=19)
  • not very visible
  • scatter-plot-a1.png


Sample you data

  • and plot just the part
sampledValues = sample(1:10000, size=1000, replace=F)
plot(x[sampledValues], y[sampledValues], pch=19)


Showing Density

  • how to show the density of some area?
  • smoothScatter(x, y)
  • smooth-scatter.png