Co-clustering is a set of techniques in Cluster Analysis

Co-clustering is also called bi-clustering

  • let $A$ be $m \times n$ matrix,
  • goal is to generate biclusters/co-clusters: a subset of rows which exhibit similar behavior across a subset of columns, or vice versa.

Co-clustering is defined as two map functions:

  • rows -> row cluster indexes
  • columns -> column cluster indexes
  • these map functions are learned simultaneously
  • Unlike Two-Phase Document Clustering where we first cluster columns and then we use this to cluster rows

Subspace Clustering

Can use subspace clustering for co-clustering

  • subspace clustering $\approx$ local feature selection

Non-Negative Matrix Factorization

One way of doing Co-Clustering is via NMF:

  • let $A = UV^T$ where $U$ is $m \times k$ and $V$ is $n \times k$
  • then rows of $U$ may correspond to clusters of rows, and rows of $V$ to clusters of columns


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