Descriptive Analysis

Descriptive statistics - how to summarize data with numbers or plots


Univariate Analysis

Univariate analysis is describing the distribution of a single variable

  • central tendency (e.g. the mean, median, and mode)
  • dispersion, e.g.
    • the range and quantiles of the data set
    • measures of spread variance and standard deviation
  • the shape of the distribution
    • as skewness and kurtosis.
    • graphical or tabular format, including histograms and stem-and-leaf display.

Bivariate Analysis

Descriptive statistics may be used to describe the relationship between pairs of variables

In this case, descriptive statistics include:

  • Cross-Tabulations and Contingency Tables
  • Graphical representation via Scatter Plots and other Plots
  • Quantitative measures of dependence
  • Descriptions of conditional distributions