Select-Project-Join Expression

In practice, most Relational Algebra expressions (i.e. queries) are of the Select-Project-Join form (SPJ)

an SPJ expression is

  • a Relational Algebra expression
  • it consists only of selections, projections and joins
  • there are only equality predicates for selection (i.e. of form $A_j = B_i$)
FROM R1, ..., Rn
WHERE A1 = B1 AND ... AND An = Bn

The corresponding RA expression is

  • $\pi_\text{...} \sigma_{A_1 = B_1 \land ... \land A_n = B_n} (R_1 \times ... \times R_n)$


This type of query is very interesting for Logical Query Plan Optimization since it allows

  • to translate a RA expression to Conjunctive Query
  • and optimize the CQ to remove redundant joins

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