A transaction is a sequence of updates to the database

  • a transaction must be consistent
  • transaction-consistency.png
  • we need to ensure that all the transactions run in isolation
  • that is, while one transactions is running, no other transaction should see its intermediate results (which can be inconsistent)


Data Sharing (Concurrency)

  • suppose that two transactions $T_1$ and $T_2$ are running at the same time
  • $T_1$: give 10% rise to all programmers
  • $T_2$: transfer some programmers to business analysts

Problem here:

  • it should be either first $T_1$ and then $T_2$ or vice-versa
  • otherwise there will be a lot of problems and unexpected results
  • Concurrency Control techniques are used for that

Transaction Manager

  • Transaction Manager is a component of a DBMS that has a scheduler
  • The scheduler is responsible for creating an impressions that all transactions are run in isolation

Levels of Isolation

  • Serializable (see Serializable Scheduling)
  • ...
  • ...
  • No Isolation (actions of transactions can be executed in any order)

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