Buckets of Pointers

We add one more level of indirection for indexing

  • we have index on buckets
  • buckets are pointers to the actual tuples

So now we have

  1. Dense Index where each value is stored once
  2. Bucket list where we have multiple occurrences
    • pointers to actual values
    • should be sequential: i.e. ordered by the key
  3. Actual blocks

Also saves space!


  • secondary-level-of-ind.png
  • index pointers point to the first occurrence of 10
  • we read buckets down till there's no 10 anymore

Good for Range Queries

  • These buckets are also useful for Range Queries

Suppose we have

  • relation Emp(name, dept, floor)
  • name is primary key (main index)
  • dept and floor are secondary keys (Secondary Indexes on them)

Suppose we want to ask the following:

SELECT * FROM Emp where dept = 'Toy' AND floor = 2
  • secondary-buckets-range-q.png
  • need to compute the intersection of set of pointers (very fast)
  • and this is before reading from disk

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