Business Process Management

a business process consists of a set of activities that are performed in coordination in an organization and technical environment

  • these process jointly implement some business goal
  • (Weske, 2007)


Example: IT4BI

Consider a process of IT4BI admission


  • Receive an application
  • Assign an identifier
  • Evaluate an application
  • Request for more information
  • Select candidates
  • Communicate the results
  • Send rankings to the European Commission
  • Send invitations - for visas
  • Admission to the University
  • and many others

This is a business process

BPM: Managing Business Processes

How to model BPs?

BPM Lifecycle

BPM is more than just modeling:

  • Process Mining - to discover existing processes in a company
  • Process Analysis - in the model correct or not, is the process consistent with the model? (see Process Conformance)
  • Process Enacting - putting a model into software
  • Process Monitoring - how much time each task takes?
  • Process Simulation - after creating a model we try to see what would happen if we used it


$(1) \to (2) \to (3) \to (4) \to (1)$

  • is a BPM lifecycle

Process Mining

Process Mining is about discovering the existent process and creating a model from it

There are several process mining algorithms. For example,